Bug - Game chart issue

Hi, dropped by to signal a minor (but still annoynig) issue.

Suppose I click on a “green” open challenge by player A in the game chart. A small tooltip appears, with the basic info about the game, player A ranking, and an icon to accept the challenge. I click on the icon, and in the confirmation dialog window I accept the challenge. A new game starts in a new window tab.

Suppose also I didn’t close the tab which contains the game chart (might it be the Chat small chart, or the Play page chart).
Now, if I click on another “green” open challenge, to start another game, let’s say by player B, another tooltip appears with challenge info and player B ranking.
If I click on the Accept icon, though, in the next confirmation window I don’t see infos about player B’s challenge, but still the previous player A’s challenge info.
This happens for all the possible “green” challenges I try to click on the chart.

I’ve experienced this on Chrome.
If I close the chart page tab, or if I refresh the page, everything works fine.

Hope you may solve this problem. :smile:

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