Bug: games missing from history

I went to check my game history today and it seems that my most recent finished games (9 games plus some annulments) are missing from my game history. I know that they were there just yesterday, but now they seem to be gone.

I’m missing a few recent games too, one is http://online-go.com/game/628337. They are in the rating graph, but not in the library, not even in the “global” library.

Thanks, that’s a good observation. I can also find my missing games via the ratings graph, so at least I know they are still in the database somewhere. Also, similar to wurfmaul’s situation, my missing recent games also appear to be missing from the global library.

Looking at the global library, there is a gap between today (July 2, 2014) and June 25, 2014.

Scroll (manually) to page 73 (might be on an even later page by the time you read this) to see the glaring gap of missing games. Looks like this problem is affecting everyone. At least all of the bot accounts also have a glaring gap in their game history.

One can search by data range. Setting the range to 27 June - 30 June yields no results. Setting 26 June - 1 July yields just over 1000 games and they show as from either 25 June or 2 July.

I also have games in the rating graph that are not in my history.

Yep we’re looking into it… rest assured your games are still there, it’s just more indexing problems. We’ll get it fixed up.