Bug in analysing go Kifu

This game was calculated as black winning by ~300 points, which is ridiculous. Also, I think first of all the rank match 3k(me) vs 1k(JunyaLyj) should start with some advantage for me, not for JunyaLyj. (It started by me black and JunyaLyj +7.5 which is advantaged for JunyaLyj)
Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

The game was scored as a huge black win because you or your opponent incorrectly marked lots of alive white stones as dead and you both agreed to that. So don’t do that. The AI analysis correctly predicts a white win if you scored correctly.

The game was an even game with komi, presumably these were the game settings you agreed to when the game was created. OGS uses even games not handicap by default.


A small supplement to Uberdude’s correct observation: The game view and playing games · online-go/online-go.com Wiki · GitHub

Isn’t this a bit contradictory?
The OGS site uses a ranking system to rank a players on the basis of the results in the games they played. But when two unevenly ranked players play a game OGS considers it is an even game (as if the ranking suddenly is not important anymore).

This is not true.

When two unevenly ranked players play, the rank-outcome of their games depends on their ranks.

If a 1d beats a 9k in an unhandicapped game, each of their ranks is barely affected.

If a 9k beats a 1d in an unhandicapped game, each of their ranks is dramatically affected.

In contrast if a 9k with 9 stones beats a 1d then each of their ranks is only affected as if the game were even.


I wouldn’t call it contradictory, but a bad decision in server design for several reasons I have raised before.

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