Bug in chinese-ruled SGF, game is ok


In game http://online-go.com/game/676503 my opponent placed 3 stones handicap freely (as possible with chinese rules).

In the SGF the 2nd handicap-stone he placed is white not black.
In the game itself that stone is (rightfully) black.

I don’t remember my setting of the komi, but 5.5 seems a bit strange, even for a handicapped game.


Addendum: same for http://online-go.com/game/710714, the SGF falsely shows the 2nd move to be white.

Yeah just happened to me too, i think it is a bug with free handicap placement though as it happened to me using the New Zealand ruleset.

If i had to do a wild guess i would assume that the sgf does not differ between handicap placement and the real game and assumes colour alternating between moves during handicap placement.

that was the game where it happened to me:

Thanks for bumping this up, it fell through the cracks, i just added it to the bug list i’ll try and get it fixed up this weekend