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Hey guys, sorry to bother you again :slight_smile:
This time I think I found a bug in the game list, on the user profile page. I was looking at an opp’s games, and noticed that the dates / game names are switching when I switch between 10/25/50 games per page.

Well it’s a little weirder really, see the screenshots. It happens as follows:
I have 10 games per page. I go to the last page. There are games with dates “2019-09”… ok I wonder, did this guy play all his games (668 pages…) in the last 5 days? So I switch to 25 per page and go to the last page again… suddenly there are games with “2017…”, and different opponents (so I guess it is not a wrong date field, but different games shown). So I switch again to 50 and go to the last page, and there are yet different games. It’s easy if you try, harder to explain. Screenshots coming up.

Ok so I realize the screenshots don’t match exactly my description, I just played around with switching between 10/25/50 and going to the last page. Still they should be the same, no? I did not change any sorting (by date/name…, asc/desc…), wouldn’t even know how or if it’s possible.

Maybe because my netbook is older than age and falling apart, but I have to wait a little bit for the list to refresh when I advance to a different page: if I just click non-stop, the page number will change but the list won’t catch up and still display games from a previous page—which carries on if I change the number of games per page after that. Maybe it’s the same with you.
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First, notice that the first two screenshots actually do match. The second screenshot shows the last four items of the preceding screenshot; the reason is that more games are on each of the pages, leaving just four for the last page.

As for the last screenshot, I got the same result momentarily, but after toggling the number per page a couple times, it righted itself and all three matched. This is just a processing delay due to the huge number of items that have to be rearranged on a different number of pages.

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Here are again 3 pics.
First: simply switching to last page of my games -> shows “2019”, but that’s not true
Second: change to 25pp and going to last page again -> shows 2016, which is right
Third: change back to 10 and go to last page again -> shows 2016 now also

You may fix that or not, I just noticed it and clearly something doesn’t add up. Maybe it’s not so important.

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There is definitely a bug where clicking through pages can get out of sync - the page that is being displayed can fall behind (and never catchup) with the page number.

I think Conrad alluded to this as well.

It used to happed on ladders also, and it was more of a problem there because we had to click through those pages to find opponents.

The ladder was changed to work totally differently. Possibly scrolling through pages of old games is less common so it’s lingered as an issue…


@Eugene: not an issue for me. But as a former dev myself I am unable to stumble over a bug and not report it :wink:

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Front-end is open source on github, if you feel especially passionate about resolving this bug feel free to take a stab :wink:

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Thanks for the invitation! Yes I know you’re open source, but I come from a different direction (and have quit dev a while ago), and web frontends were never my strong suit. And now I totally lost track of the new languages and frameworks. It’s like everything changes on a yearly basis. Too stressful. But I do admire you guys, this site is quite something (and yes, I have supported you, and probably will do so again).


No stress at all, thanks for your support :slight_smile: it’s obviously completely voluntary, I only mention it because sometimes it flies completely under the radar!
If you’re ever curious at dipping your toes in, there is some pretty good (though limited due to numbers) support in the community for helping each other figure stuff out :slight_smile:

Well actually… What is your underlying framework? And How does that Go board work? Can’t even think of how to do that in a browser…

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The front end is written in Typescript using the React framework.

You probably wouldn’t start with figuring out how the Goban works :slight_smile:

But it’s “basically” drawn on an HTML Canvas.


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