Wrong review list loaded

Hi all,
The game history list used to be sorted reverse order (newest games at the top of page 1), but now it is sort-of but not completely the other way around (oldest games at the top of page 1).
Looks like something changed recently there. I can’t scroll to other pages either, and changing the number of items on the list changes the number of available pages, but not the list displayed.

Also the reviews and demo’s list now shows 37702 pages with 10entries . In the top page 1 there are only demo’s by Anoek. I only ever made 10 demo’s or so…

Some screenshots:

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I am having the exact same issue on my desktop (on both firefox and chrome) but not on my mobile (also on firefox), even though both are logged into the same account.

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I have the issue on desktop (chrome + Windows 10) and not on phone (chrome + android)

I believe this to be a separate issue, so I split to new topic.

I was able to reproduce on my mobile, but when I got home, all worked correctly again, can you guys confirm, or does the issue persist? Otherwise let’s just chalk it up to some update or something :slight_smile:


It seems to be resolved. It’s sorted again.

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All working normally on my end too. Weird bug though, worth a tag for @anoek I think!

Seems to be working fine now!

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