Bug in list handling due to search

I was looking at my games history and was on page 3.

I then search for an opponent which resulted in a list of 9.

The list report as displaying 21 to 9 of 9 and there were no page navigation buttons.

A solution to ensure that there are navigation buttons would allow the user to go to one of the existing pages. Another possible fix is to display the last existing page. Displaying the first is also an option and may be the easiest to code.

Shoot, yeah pages are supposed to reset when the query changes, i’ll figure out why that’s not happening.

I was just about to report the same thing but then got linked here by the ‘Your topic is similar to…’ box (wow, the future really is here O.O)
So, ‘me too!’ :slight_smile:

Which list were you searching when you hit this @Animiral? I thought I fixed this one a bit ago :frowning:

It was the ‘Game History’ list at the bottom of my profile page with the exact same issue that @Traveller reported.

  1. go to profile
  2. go to page 3 of game history
  3. type name of opponent into search box
  4. helpful message: ‘Showing 31 to 5 of 5’ (no games actually visible in list; no pager either)

Edit: this was on the main site. If you should have a public dev environment like you used to for the 4.0 beta and I’m supposed to check bugs against that, I’m not aware of it.

Ok thanks I’ll get it fixed up :slight_smile: (And in general no, bug fixes make it up to the main site pretty quick, we don’t let them bake on the beta server at this point.)