Bug in opening the game https://online-go.com/game/33329237

I announce it to the moderator, but results are in attached copy of our conversation:
[8:30] Kosh: re: Tournament Game: Mega tournament two (58819) R:7 (regina25 vs Julko) anoek is currently investigating this issue. It has hit a few games. Keep trying occasionally as it is likely to start on an automatic retry.
[8:47] Julko: OK. Thank you!
[8:55] Kosh: You’re welcome. Looks like it’s working now. :smiley:
[9:05] Julko: Yes! Now it’s OK. Thanks!
[9:23] Julko: Sorry, but again it doesn’t work.
[9:26] Kosh: If it’s not too much hassle, would you mind opening a forums bug report for the issue. Might be easier to address it that way.
And this game still can’t be loaded. Other games are OK.

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Loads fine for me.

Now, for me, also works. But it had the period “working” and for some minutes stopped working.