Bug in reviews - disappearing branches

I have some issues with branches disappearing from reviews when I navigate them (just navigating an existing review, not creating new branches/variations): I see a branch, explore it with the arrows and then when I get back to the main branch the other branch disappears. There’s a sync button that appears above the windows with the move numbers and branches but it only seems to take me to a later move and does not bring the branch back. If I load the review again I see the branch that had disappeared. Does anybody have this issue? It’s really frustrating.

I confirmed it with two different browser.

For an example where it happens to me, in this review:

If I click on move 2 then use this arrow sequence: right right down up left the alternative Move 4 disappears. This is quite frustrating.

I’ve had a similar problem when creating a review for the same game and the person who kindly did the review for me confirmed that he had a similar problem.
FWIW if I use the mouse to move around in the moves I don’t see any disappearing branches.


I’ve noticed that as well, sometimes when you back arrow over a branch it disappears. Often I can reload the page and the branch reappears.


That’s an old problem which i remember was already mentioned. Maybe some solution were proposed? (Too lazy to go search the old threads)

I did a search before posting but found nothing. Maybe I can’t think of the accurate keywords.

Maybe this one ?

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No, not this one because these branches that disappear are in a finished review and they reappear if I load the review again so they are not unsaved. I’d be interested to know if you can replicate the behaviour: I described the arrow sequence needed to make a branch disappear.

I have created some demo boards to explore variations and the same thing happens. When I change the game information and click save, it does the disappearing thing, too. When I refresh it all reappears, along with a new empty variation I have to manually delete. Haven’t lost any data yet, but it does do what you are describing.

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Created a tracking task here: Branches disappearing during review · Issue #2392 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub

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This should be fixed as of today!

The root cause was related to analysis being disabled for the game under review. It may have happened for some users on every review, if they had analysis disabled globally in their preferences.

Regardless, if someone is still seeing this, please report, since it’d be a new/different issue…