Bug? Move made automatically?

Hi! I’m 90% sure, that this error was not on my side:
Game: https://online-go.com/game/18182409
Play: 32
This move happened without me touching the mouse, as I remember really shortly after my opponents move. My opponent said it may have been because of my touchpad, what is possible (I played on laptop with usb mouse), but my cursor was 5 sites away, on a stone, and i did not see it move.
Is it possible to check what happened?
Did anyone had similar problems (preferrably not on a laptop)?

It didn’t really matter on the long run, but I wanted to tell about it.

Did you accidentilly confuse analysis with conditional moves, perhaps?

They are right next to each other on the side menu. Here is a little image that might help jog your memory @pairgoo :wink:.

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Thanks for the answer!
I have no recollection of using analyse that early. And I’d still had to click like 2-3 times(opponents move-my conditional move-accept) the move before to set a conditional move, wouldnt I?
And I’d had to chose one of the ~10 worst moves possible as an answer to a not-so-expected move. XD

Well… lets just chalk your experience up to weird happenings then :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hello pairgo,
sorry to hear about such a nasty mishap :slight_smile:

To be honest, lately I think anything can happen with computers, but since nobody seems to have reported anything similar as far as I know, hopefully we can chalk it up to the unlikely 10% and hope it was some local mishap, be it a faulty touchpad or somebody spitting on it (actually happened to me once and it registered as a click :smiley: )

But thank you for letting us know, if something similar happens again, please be sure to tell us.

You can’t say that and just leave us hanging :astonished:. Sounds like there is a tale to tell. Please sir, elaborate :pleading_face:

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Honestly, not much of a story there… I can’t drink like a normal human being so while drinking and breathing in at the same time I cough-spluttered a bit of soda on my laptop. A little drop hit the touchpad and sure enough it registered as a click and “submitted” a move. :smiley: It was correspondence so it did not actually sent it (thanks submit button), but yeah, that’s how I know it is theoretically possible.


Let it be the 10%! :slight_smile:
I just wanted to tell in case it happens to others. It hasnt happened since.

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