BUG: No Countdown (visual or audible) in games with a fix time per move

For a while, i regonized that the (countdown) timer won’t work, in games with the time setting ‘Einfach’’ (‘Einfach’ [german] = probaly ‘Simple’ or ‘fix’ in the english version).

In ‘Byoymi’ and such is everything fine. I didn’t bother much until I lost 3 games now by time, because I simply didn’t know the time.

There is no grapical countdown (the clock says only 0:00 the entire time) and there is no audible countdown, as well.

Is there a new setting what I missed, or is it maybe a bug?
I think it’s since the infrastucture change, but not sure.

Do someone know anything about it?

lg sTan…

PS: I use Firefox (48.0)