BUG: Problems with resigning and accepting undo request

The last few days I am experiencing problems with:

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I think that @anoek is the one to look at this: we had “can’t resign” a little while back when there was a server issue, but I think we thought that was fixed.



I’m also unable to resign. Instead of a “Resign” button there’s a “Cancel Game” button:

If i play several moves and then reload the page, the “Cancel” button turns into a “Resign” button. (I can’t upload a screenshot of this situation, the forum says I can only upload one image since i’m a new user.)

This is on Firefox 102.14, but several people I’ve spoken here lately have had this problem on other browsers, including Chrome.


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more interesting would be screenshot of move 8+ without resign button

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Another clue to this bug: When it’s in the broken state (i.e. when there’s no “Resign” button), it also shows 0 captures for both players. After reloading/refreshing the webpage, the Resign button and the captures show up. I’ll try to get screenshots showing this.

I think this should finally be fixed


10 mins ago

It should be working as of my message, but if they haven’t refreshed it would still be broken

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Thanks @anoek, this all seems to be working correctly now!

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