Bug Report: Bot games should all be Chinese scoring

I know you are aware of this but just a reminder so it’s officially on the list for down the road. Bots should be playing Chinese scoring games, not Japanese. :slight_smile: If you can change that in the bot matchups that’d rock. Thanks.


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I’m not familiar with the OGS specifics, but many popular engines simply do not know how to handle Japanse scoring.

Isnt it to allow the removal of dead groups? AI sometimes mess up when deciding the status of a group. I dont really know though, just guessing :slight_smile:.
Maybe @roy7 can enlighten us?

As far as I know, many bots only implement/understand Chinese scoring. It’s easier to program and placing stones in your own territory doesn’t lose you any points. It can also be easier to resolve if a group is dead or not since you can fully play it out if there’s disagreement, and the scores aren’t hurt.

I was surprised to find out Zen actually does do Japanese scoring, but Zen isn’t on OGS atm.

Leela only does Chinese. GnuGo defaults to Japanese but can also do Chinese, so GnuGo admins would just need to add a command line switch. Fuego only supports Chinese (that I could find in the wiki, not a lot of online documentation). Those are the three common bots on OGS these days.


IIRC, there is partial Japanese scoring support in Fuego, but it was never finished.