Bug report in the AI review

I found one situation in which the AI review shows several moves with numbers repeated and doesn’t make sense. It happened in this game, on move 68 and analysis by KataGo (it looks like there are two analysis by KataGo with the same neural network but with different “ranks”, this might be the source of confusion).


I’m under the impression this also happens if you ask for a Leela review as well as the katago one. At least I remember something weird happening with the two reviews available.

I’ll have to test this out again though as it was a while ago. ( I was happy enough with the katago reviews anyway)

I agree I think I’ve seen one review leak numbers into another review - a recent thread with Gia had something like that. It was not move numbers in that case, it was the probability number.

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To clarify, this happens when you viewed the variation with one review, then switched to another review and select the same move again.

At the moment transparent stones aren’t cleaned away if you select another review or disable the review.