Bug report: ingame chat people count + some questions

when people enter the chat room, and leave, the number (people count) doesnt go back down.

*shouldnt there be a “report a bug” button?
plus, im new here, and i would like to know i can contribute (im an experianced programmer).

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Not sure right now which number you mean. I know only of one… im not in chat a lot. Are we talking of the one above the nameslist, which is usually over 9… hrhrm… over 1000? That is the number of people on the site (in chat, in game etc.), not in chat alone. I guess that means the number wont change from leaving just the chat.

For programming stuff contact @matburt and/or @anoek. I dont know if they are looking for help atm.

No, chat for each game has a count of users in that game (usually just 2), but if it’s one where want people come to spectate (pro relays, high dans playing, someone posted the game in chat, etc.) that will increase. That counter only increases as people join, and never decreases when they leave. If you refresh, it goes back to the true count.

This is a known bug, and has been for a while now. It’s lower priority for the devs, I believe, but they are investigating it.


Oh… Now that you mention it im sure ive seen this happening, just wasnt thinking about ingame chat. :slight_smile:

Edit: Lol… even though it says so in the threadtitle :sweat::sweat::sweat:

thanks for the reply!
i’ll try to contact them, and who knows, maybe i’ll fix the bug myself :slight_smile:

Its already fixed(i believe) just hasn’t been released it’s planned with the next big update which is in beta right now I think. Also it’s been said before that they aren’t looking for extra help if i remember correctly the only thing people can help with is this : Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?

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