Bug report: Misbehaved "New Game" dialog

So, this happened when I hit New Game:

A few issues with it:

  1. I wasn’t forking from a game, nor do I think I have forked games recently (except, perhaps, to test something, but not actually playing).
  2. Open Challenge should not be possible in this situation. I tested it out, and it would create a new rated game, with the board empty (at least it wasn’t terrible far that much).
  3. In the menu, Open Challenge is not actually an option. If I change it to something else, I cannot change it back.
  4. I cannot de-select the forking game, meaning I cannot issue challenges using that dialog any more.
  5. That doesn’t happen if I go to the Play tab; there, the dialog seems to be working correctly.

Update: There’s something I hadn’t noticed:

  • I opened a new chat, and the issue was solved. Still shouldn’t happen, it’s a weird bug, thankfully not a fatal one.