Bug Report. Problem with a ladder


I have a problem with a ladder. I subscribe to this ladder (I think I am number 20) but after I see this screen :

It’s on firefox and chrome.

Thanks to help me.

Hello everyone,

More information here, hoping it may help.

A player has been kicked out from the ladder (he/she was ranked #3 or #4 didn’t remember) by timeout after that game : https://online-go.com/game/1100339
He/She is currently still “playing” in 3 games ( TedSarvata - https://online-go.com/ladder/273 ) so may it explains the 20/21 players difference and the bug. If so I suppose the bug would disappear after he/she will lost by timeout other games or if she/he starts rejoin the ladder ?

Also, the page I see is correctly displayed with 20 players (I’m into the ladder, ranked #2)

See you

Shoot I know what I did there, I’ll fix it up properly later today, but it should be usable now for you (if you check again you should see a page selector you can use to get to page 1)


Thank you Anoek, It’s ok now. :smile: