Bug report - timeout during the scoring of the match

Today, I played a match and after it ended, we went to the scoring. My opponent left the game and his time to agree with the score expired. However, the game didn’t finish. Actually, it didn’t leave the scoring section although the time had expired(I won the game, by the way). To solve this problem, I had to return to the game and wait until my opponent, who left the match, lost by timeout. I am not sure whether this is a bug or if this was just a very specific case. Either way, it must be verified and corrected in the case this is a bug indeed.


Hi, thanks for the report.

This is indeed a known bug. Usually the game will end automatically sooner or later anyways, but at the moment the best solution is to use the “Call moderator” button in the right-side menu of the game. Moderators can conclude the game even when the scoring timer has run out.

Resuming the game to have your opponent time out is generally speaking not a good solution, and in case you are behind in score it can even be seen as a form of cheating.

That said, the other problem is of course that your opponent forgot to accept the score in the first place. I will ask your opponent to take care not to forget this stage of the game :slight_smile: