Bug report

Well, some description of your problem would also be nice…
I assume you mean that white was unfairly marked as dead. At the end of each game both players need to confirm the status of the groups and then click agree (yes the computer is sometimes wrong). In this phase (as described by the in-game text) you can change the status of any groups by clicking on them or the surrounded territory.

Given the shape I would bet one of the players clicked ther by accident, this does not seem like your typical computer misstake.

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This definitely looks like a scoring error, but it’s a lot more likely to be player error than a system error. I ran the score estimator, and it flags all groups correctly, showing a White win. Please note that either player can mark groups living or dead at scoring, and it’s up to the players to check the result before accepting.

So I guess moderators do not overturn game results easily even though it looks to be an obvious human error?

That’s right. Reversing game results isn’t actually part of the mod tools. (You’d have to pester the developers for that one.) We can and often do award rating points as compensation though.