[BUG] Scoring!

I know I’m beginner, but there is something wrong with scoring at the end of game.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

My opponent passed, me too. Web game engine counted scoring as win for me as it is in picture 2. But why are those top black stones dead ? I cannot make that territory for me, it’s not possible. And why liberty of noone was counted to me ? - A6 point.

Then I was again and again pressing Autoscoring button and score was different. Minus one point to me, without that A6 point. As it is in picture 1.

Then, when I clicked on his blacks which Autoscoring thing consider as dead, score turns over for his win by 0.5 point, as it is in picture 3. But when I do this same thing from other default Autoscoring value from image 2, then I win by 0.5 point, as it is in picture 4 !!!

And when I press show on button panel on right part of screen called Estimate score, then you can see completelly dirrenet value as it is in picture 5 !!!
What the heck !!
Fix it !!!

p.s.: oh again, new users may post just one pic. then find it manually your fault

You need to take every point before passing. Those black stones are alive/dead depending on who turn it was. If it was whites turn white will play e9 then blacks group is down to one eye and is dead if it was blacks turn they play e9 and are alive.

PS: you need to fix your tone of voice, you sound extremely rude.


The problem is that both players decided to end the game too early. The life or death of that black group has not been determined. Black needs to play at E9 to ensure that group lives, and white should play at E9 to kill that group if given the chance.

I would not call this a bug with the system, but rather unaware players unreasonably asking the auto-scoring function to judge the life or death of an unsettled group.


HowToPlay: I have just clicked on that Analyze game and I did supposed white’s turn and put stone to E9. It does not change situation, that those black stones are not dead ! They would be only dead in ONE case, when black will do an mistake and do this:

So you please better try it before you confuse a beginner !

And I still dont have opinon, how is possible that the more times I press Autoscoring, the result is different. And also why is different Estimate score counting !!!

Thank you

i’m angry because me as beginner i can’t rely on conunters ! and also other guys i play against are beginners, so we definitelly NEED a true ONE score result, not three as i documented

After White E9, and Black at D9… white can just capture 7 of those stones with E8.

However, E8 is actually unnecessary since the black group has already been reduced to a dead eye shape. In fact, black’s move at D9 would accomplish nothing except to give white an extra point.


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i dont get a word, but you can try here:

AND still i have not answer to my things above from beginning
you two just want win an argument or show off, but dont want really improve this web game engine for beginners !!!

Ah, I see you that you meant that figure as an example of what black should not do.

Well, after E9, there is no way for black to make two eyes with the above group.

See the links that I shared in my previous post, and try reading out the situation for the other responses by black, including how white can force the death of the black group by “almost filling”.

Sigh… It’s not a matter of winning an argument those black stone at the top of the board are indeed dead after white plays E9 as they only have one eye no matter where black plays. We have already answered your question as well.

The problem is that both players decided to end the game too early.

That isn’t a bug, if you won’t even try to understand this then aside from myself sounding rude. You can freely play on another server

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Ultimately, this is not a bug with the site, but instead an issue caused by beginners misunderstanding the game.

We are trying to help beginners, by attempting to explain this situation to you.

However, you are refusing to accept that you misunderstood the life/death status of the black group at the top, which is a shame, since it not only prevents you from seeing why the auto-scoring and estimate-score features don’t work as you expected, but also limits your development as a go player.

Also, I added some variations to the game to show how white can kill the black group at the top with E9, regardless of how black responds.


Hello @f84nd73h,

I recommend that you spend a little more time on learning Go before you accuse experienced—and helpful—players of such nonsense.

Keeping it polite will also help you.

Greetings, Tom