Bug : Variations disappear in reviews

There seems to be a bug that has been here for a few weeks at the very least, in reviews, when going back and forth in the variations, sometimes some of them just plainly disappear.

There is a long standing thing, in games at least: if you loose connection with the server (a glitch in your internet, or the server’s internet) then it’s like reloading the page: variations you had explored disappear.

We so should “do somefink about that” eh @anoek :crazy_face:

I’m not sure about reviews so much: I had thought these ‘save’ their variations, but maybe the same thing is happening?

I think they’re unrelated, in games, variations are a transient state thing, problem we have there is when we reconnect we have to reload the entire game in case things changed, and so applying existing variations is problematic (potentially)… Reviews though, if you’re just going back and forth in existing variations, they most certainly shouldn’t just disappear.

If you could come up with some reproduction steps, and/or take a recording of what you’re seeing @ZogyZogy, that would help a lot in fixing the issue.