Bug: Variations Going to Chat when Malkovich is On

LOL, this has happened to me SO often :smiley: and I also call them “my evil plans” always <giggle>

BTW, and IIRC, I believe to have noticed that sometimes the variation text entry box does NOT turn green after having switched to MLog :scream: Is there any way for me to help with diagnosing what’s happing there if it happens again?

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FWIW I don’t recall ever seeing that. I do use Malk regularly.

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Yup, me too.

What can I do if it happens to me again? I’d like to do more than just a screenshot.

I think that you could at least say “I was not dreaming, this time I watched carefully and it definitely happened”

That would be different to the current status (“I believe that sometimes…”), which indicates that so far it’s been like “wait, what, did that happen??” (which is the sort of thing I experience :slight_smile: )

Even better if you can make it happen on purpose, and show how.

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It happened again—I’m not as think as you stoned I am :grin:

Sorry for the blurry animation but I set it to a few percents of “lossy” b/c I needed to get it below 4 MB.

And I laid a lawn over the chatty chat.


Clicking the Chat/Malkovich button “repaired” it.

I don’t yet know how to reproduce this reliably.

And pls forgive me for hijacking your thread, @test3531 :wink:
(moved this to a thread of its own)


Great work catching that!

Let’s see, I wonder whether invoking @Gurumanger will work :nerd_face:

(He was in there recently, a new feature from him on it’s way in this area, when @anoek gets back from holidays :crossed_fingers: )

I put this in at github.


The fix that was done may already fix that because there were modifications in the Game.tsx as well as GameChat.tsxv to select the log.

That change is not merged yet into the develop branch. Can we get that done and then you can check if it still exists on the beta site?

I will also check if I be can confirm in the code that was changed.


I read that this might be fixed by a different change that @Gurumanger did … @trohde can you see if it seems to be fixed?

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Oh… thanks, @GreenAsJade — and thanks, @Gurumanger!

All I can do is watch and see … as said, I know (knew!) no reliable way to reproduce the phenomenon. If I never come back here to tell you that it happened again it will be solved :sweat_smile:


Just mention my name when you post back and I’ll take a look


@Gurumanger, @GreenAsJade:

Happened again just now (main server, not the beta server).


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@GreenAsJade, @Gurumanger,

I believe I may have found a pattern, though I’m not 100% sure.

  • I think when I leave a Malkovich comment in one game, then move on to another, the “system“ stays in “Malkovich mode” … can that be?

  • Then, in the next game I moved to, the chat text box is green, indicating “Malkovich mode”. So far everything OK.

  • BUT when I use the arrow keys to go into variations, the variations text box is NOT green as it should be!

  • When then I click the button next to the chat text box to cycle through the chat modes, everything works again as it should.

Is this helpful? Is there anything more I can do in such a case to help diagnostics?


I’d say extremely helpful - I can consistently reproduce from those steps


Thanks, @benjito, it is a relief to get some validation :sweat_smile:

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Looks like this was deployed - @trohde does this work for you?


Oh … was that you?

Lemme run (while staying seated :sweat_smile:) and look!


So… it seems to be gone now!

I.e. now …

  • when I write an MLog entry in one game,

  • and then proceed to another, I’m out of Malkovich mode again,

  • and when I then click the chat button, all seems to work as expected :slight_smile:

Awesome, THANKS muchly! :heart: :pray: :bowing_man:

You’re not only saving me but probably also a few others from embarrassing embarrassments of the embarrassing kind—besides myself, I know at least two other players who have accidentally posted variations in game chat that were intended to go to the MLog.