Bug when creating games using Fischer Time Control

There is a bug that prevents you from creating games with Fischer Time control with maximum times of 2, 3, 4 days, etc. For example, if you try to create a game with Initial Time 2 days and Time Increment 1 day the smallest Max time allowed time will be 10 days.

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I cannot reproduce this bug, I could make a 2d+1d, max 3d game right now (firefox on mac).

I tried in Chrome [Android] and Opera [Linux]. I have always used OGS in these browsers.

I also tested on Dolphin and Firefox for Android. Doesn’t work. With Initial time 2 days and Time increment 12 hours if I choose Max time 2 days it presents 1 day, it’s only possible to choose Max times of 5 days or above. For each setting of Initial time and Time increment there is a different lower limit for Max time, but always 5 days or above.

I have checked and I have the same issue on Chrome on mac. Firefox is still working fine.

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