Bug when starting a new game

I’m using Slackware Linux with Firefox 40.0.

When using a mouse I can’t select anything from pull-down boxes, when selecting nothing happens. I have to use keyboard to change game rules and time settings.


This happened to me. As a temporary workaround, using Chrome to play live games works fine. Have you tried that?

Using a keyboard is workaround enough for me. But would be nice that I could use my mouse instead.


huh. That works? I didn’t think to try that. good idea.

same problem here … firefox 40.0.2 on manjaro linux 64bit

works on midori 0.5.9

How does this 74 year old man use the keyboard to create a game, as I have only used the mouse to create a game.

Yeah, it’s a bug on the firefox side, we have had many reports of this recently.

I found a solution, I logged out are then logged back in again. My problem was fixed. I can not put a challenge out for a new game…

I can now put a challenge out for a new game, sorry for the mistake.

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I just want to confirm that logging out, and logging back in did solve this issue for me as well. I didn’t have this issue on Chrome, only on firefox… but after logging off OGS and logging back in on Firefox, this issue disappeared. Thank you, goplayerd :smiley:

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