Bug with Analysis disabled allowing reviews mid game?

Just did my first tournament game with analysis disabled. I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would. That being said, the other player started up a review at one point in the game essentially in lieu of analyze. Is this by design or possibly an oversight that if analysis is disabled that review should also be disabled until the end of the game?

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I disable analysis in all of my challenges. I frequently find that my opponents get around this by using the review feature. Embarrassingly enough these reviews are posted in the chat so I’m always able to see when an opponent has done this.

I’ve never said anything, it’s not that important to me - I only disable analysis to force myself to practice reading.

Perhaps, if analysis is disabled, you should not be able to review your own games until they are complete?

Just a note that the SGF is always available.

This will allow the user to download the game and analyze to the heart’s content as long as the time will allow.

One could always hand enter the game, so it only makes things more difficult. I find the ability to play Conditional Moves very helpful in correspondence games.

I do recognize the personal challenge for practicing reading. I may be too likely to use the tools for this.

It was a tourney so I had no control of the settings. But I’m with you, I don’t care that they did it. Doesn’t bother me. It was more of a, “is it supposed to be that way” kind of thing.

Are you sure? I’m about 85% sure that’s disabled during the game if analysis is disabled. I’ll test on beta in a bit to confirm.

Pretty sure. This was the tourney. https://online-go.com/tournament/21182 You can see in the chat that we both opened a review(I was trying to estimate score and hit the wrong button which I do frequently).

@nstreb, I was replying to @Traveller’s comment about SGF downloading. =]

EDIT: And I was right, downloading the SGF is disabled. It will download a file, but the file’s contents are:

Error: SGF downloading is disabled for this game until the game is finished.

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Ahhh, gotcha. Missed that part. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking.

I will reiterate the second part of my above comment which is that one could always manually enter the moves into some SGF editor.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

As to the original request, I am not opposed to preventing the creation of a Review while the game is active. I’m just pointing out that it doesn’t completely rule out using analysis tools on a game. It just increases the effort needed.

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I’m with you @Traveller. I was more just bringing it up in case it wasn’t intended to be possible to review mid game if analysis was disabled. Doesn’t matter to me if someone wants to do it.

Also, could we consider also the score estimator as “analysis”. Right now, it isn’t disabled when the game analysis is disabled. I think this element should also be consistent with all previous elements mentioned above.
It would force oneself (or would make it harder as @Traveller said) to count the territory manually, instead of using the AI.

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