Bug with pure byo-yomi time

I just posted an ad with my usual settings, which was accepted. I opened the game, and I see very surprising time for my side, while my opponent’s time is in line with the settings. I had to cancel the game, because I won’t risk losing because of a bug :frowning:

The settings are: pure byo-yomi (ie. no initial time), period 2 days, 15 periods. My opponet’s side shows the usual 2d (15) but my own side shows “2 days 14 hours”.

I hope this is fixed soon so I can start new games :anguished:

Ian aka genbeart

I believe it’s just a first move timer, if the player with the Black pieces doesn’t play a move within a certain time, the game is cancelled.

I do kind of agree that I’m not sure it really makes sense to have it in correspondence, there’s been tournaments I’ve organised where people haven’t logged in a few days after it started and timed out because of this first move timer, even though they would’ve had plenty of time on the usual clock (like weeks).

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Thanks. I guess I’ll try an unranked one, and I’ll add a pro-forma base time to the settings.

I have never really understood the purpose of base time in byo-yomi.


Base time, before byo yomi. Each player can manage his time inside a global envelope. Quick opening or slow, etc… byo yomi is time to put more pressure to finish the game. Very long reading are no more allowed.

For alleviate worries on escapers, a lightning bolt with a subtime being implemented.