Bugs in Automatic Sitewide tournament?

There appear to be one or two bugs in the automatic sitewide Swiss tournament I just played. Live 19x19 Swiss Tournament 2021-04-05 20:30
I got bronze having beaten 2 higher ranked opponents (round 2 + 3, winning 1 point each), but “lost” the final game because my opponent didn’t show up. I was white so I don’t understand why me waiting 10 minutes counts as a loss?
The silver winner skipped the first 2 rounds, and only played one game (3 round) in which he beat his lower ranked opponent, and got 3 points for that one game. How is that possible?
(To be clear I am not complaing, I just want to understand)


I’m no expert but if I understood the record of the last game it has that you lost by disconnection rather than the other way round. I don’t know how these tourneys work but could you have lost your connection without realising? Or might there have been one of those issues where you were on the wrong screen/tab or something for the start of the round?

Did you navigate elsewhere on the site? That would cause you to disconnect.

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Possibly, but I don’t understand because the opponent was black and didn’t play a single move

I don’t know them interaction with the starter clock but could be to do with that?


Yes. This is unfair as it basically means that white has to sit and wait up to 10 minutes for black to move. If black doesn’t move black still wins unless white waits the full 10 minutes. In this case I sent messages to the opponent, and could see they were offline.

The way the timing is handled sucks. Here’s a post I (@jonesbe) made. In it, I proposed two fixes:

  • Decrease the timer on the first move to 1 min.
  • Do not run the disconnection timer if it isn’t your turn.

I don’t know if it’s the right place to post this, probably someone will move it if needed:

In a recent game, my opponent’s disconnection clock started running. I think it did it a few times momentarily before it started running for good (their phone restarted, something like that). In between they kept playing moves for a few (until the phone actually shut down I guess) and I was confused, especially the first time I hadn’t realized it was my turn again because the disconnection clock is (for good reason) much more noticeable than the button to play move (which indicates it’s my turn).
It didn’t cause a problem in our game, I brushed it off as a one-off bork, but maybe someone wants to look into it?

The second point is a
great suggestion. It simply shouldn’t run if it’s not your move!

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It seems crazy to punish people for “escaping” when there are these constant announcements and the turn indicator always encouraging you to navigate away. There should be some kind of notification at the top telling you about any live games in progress.

Maybe more doable: there should at least be a JavaScript popup window warning you not to leave a live game.