Button For Malkovichifying A Chat Entry In Game Chat?


it’s happened for the millionth time: I accidentally made a comment in game chat instead of in the Malkovich Log.

I’m terribly embarrassed and ashamed, even thinking of stopping to write M Log entries because I just don’t always remember to click the Button to the left of the game chat text box that changes it to the green M Log.

Would it somehow be possible to code something so that one can move a game chat entry to the M Log after it has been posted?

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I’m curious, what did you accidentally say instead of Malkovichifying?

Aargh! :smiley:

It’s happened SO OFTEN to me … usually it’s my evil world board domination plans, sometimes with variations, at other times it’s about how clueless I feel, or some thoughts about my last moves or about what I fear that my opponent will do.

This time it was this:

It’s not really something bad, but … it may simply be annoying or demoralising for my opponent, which I definitely don’t want.


I dont think I have the power (coding wise) to change the status of a chat entry, but if you can think of user interface changes that would help avoid this mistake, I’d be happy to code them up for trial.

I can’t think of one yet, but I can imagine that if/when we get Private Logs I will definitely want this protection (I can’t bring myself to use Malkovich for this purpose, just knowing that my opponent can see it if they are so inclined).

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That’s right, this functionality must be added to the OGS API for it to be included in the UI.