Buying a goban online

Hi, I’d like to know where to find quality gobans online, for a reasonable price ?

This is where i bought mine:

To add to what people already mentioned here, and depending on where you are:

I’ve ordered Go gear from all of these, plus, of course, from Hebsacker’s in Germany (where I live), and I’ve never had any problems with any of them.

Of course, “reasonable price” does not say how much you actually want to spend … some “reasonably” priced Gobans can cost a few thousands of $$, and ten thousands, and once I’ve seen one on the Web for, IIRC, $ 300K+ :smiley:

I recently bought one from EBay. It was an antique, originally from Japan. I got lucky on an auction. You will find many reasonable quality gobans on Ebay. If you are patient, you may get a good price bidding against an auction item.

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Thank you very much to you all, I think Yellow mountain Imports is pretty much what I was looking for. I’m not an experienced player but I want invest in one, not too cheap like those you find in toy or game stores, but also not collection quality (Maybe in ten years, when I will actually be a good player, or at least trying to).