Buying HNG in English

I have a 10-year-old nephew who bears some resemblance to Mr. Shino and I would like to get all 23 volumes of HNG as he does have an interest in the game but not a fire yet.

I’ve seen a lot of players come into this game through that series. They seem to be good players with respect for the game so I think there’s something to it.

Amazon wants $189 for the 23 volumes. I think it’s crazy, but I’m not against it. If I am forced to do that. Is this normal for manga?

My hope is that there is somebody in this community who has a good condition set sitting around and would like to make a deal for it. If you got it as a gift, I hope you can come down from anywhere near $189.

Contact me on the mail system here if you have an offer. I’m here all the time.



For new/mint that sounds normal for 23 books

I think you’re right. It’s better just to get new items for something like this.

I will divide up the 23 volumes over the course of the next year.

Just bought the first 5 for him. That should hold him over for awhile.

If it is a win, I will order the next 5 and so on until the last 7.

Sounds good, It’s a shame there isn’t a Hikaru no Go box set on “Chapters” since box sets are pretty cheap.

You can always show him the anime for free - its on right now:

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I think the anime does not convey the feeling of the series well. It feel fast and a little show-off comparing to the manga, which is a bad way to introduce Go IMO.