Byo-Yomi countdown suddenly gone

I know this sounds pretty vague, but yesterday I had a game in which I was in my last period of byo-yomi, relying on the sound of the announcer counting down from 10.

There didn’t seem to be a problem, until suddenly I lost by timeout without a countdown.
Maybe if I had been looking at the time instead of just listening, this could have been avoided.
I’ll keep my ears open to hear if this ever happens again.

For the record, all other sounds did play just fine (stones, end-of-game beep). It was the whole countdown that was missing (all the way from 10).

I think that’s because you clicked on the board and didn’t submit the move, that will stop the countdown sound.

Oh wow, really? I didn’t know that!
In my case though, I was playing a live game without submit button.

Maybe your internet lagged out for a few seconds at the end? This happens to me sometimes. When I click the board, the move needs a second or two to be submitted to the server. If my internet lags, I sometimes will time out.

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It was probably your connection. I rarely hear a number lower than 9 before timing out.

I just played entire game with no byo yomi beep. Stone sounds were good. This is scary!~