Byoyomi Exploitation

Hello everyone! I have noticed recently an increasing amount of players exploiting the byo-yomi :(. Players are playing ranked matches with 1 period and 3 seconds on the clock and then winning on time I know it is a players choice to accept these games or not but imagine the mass amount of… “players” who will accept this just “because” this could cause players to become over rated if they can click fast enough… I think there should be a limit to how low you can set the time in the byo-yomi I don’t want to take away the blitz from the players who want to blitz but you shouldn’t have the ability to set the time any lower then 10 seconds? I think 10 seconds is already pretty fast and its the most common amount for blitzers to use. So I think if anyone wants to blitz they shouldn’t be allowed to set ranked games with the time any lower then that?


What if someone wants to play 20x5s blitz?
It’s tough to hard limit any scalable options, because ultimatly you’re limiting the users’ choices.
Is there any case of a player accumulating several stones in rating points just by playing ftl blitz?
Otherwise it’d be an attempt to solve a problem which does not exist.

bonus hint: limiting the rating change via game speed (like EGF tournament classes) would be a soft solution.

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That is a good idea, indeed! But not too much, only for really fast or really slow games. Because, 5 s is sometimes enough to read the game (especially for small boards). When talking about long (correspondence) games, I noticed that sometimes if I don’t play a move in some game for a long time (opponent is on vacation etc.) I forget most of things I noticed last time I played a move in that game, some useful variations or something. I think that can happen if you play long games, like more that 3 days per move…

@ flowing we were saying that the time can’t be any lower then 10 seconds :slight_smile: not saying they cant have 11 seconds or 12 seconds or 13 seconds they just can’t set it to 9 seconds or 8 seconds or 7 seconds etc etc :stuck_out_tongue: if they want 20x5 they can go for it since that has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about restricting

And what makes 9 seconds invalid of usage?
What does “not below 10 seconds” mean? No simple time <10 seconds per move? No periods below 10s (as 20×5s)? And what’s with absolute time? I think that’s a lot easier to abuse.

Haven’t seen any abuse with absolute time yet but you can make a forum post if you have seen it :smile: and below means under you know how the counting goes 1 2 3 4 5 etc etc so below 10 means 1 through 9 on the counting table :smile: could also be some negative numbers but in go it doesn’t get to the negative :octopus:

You said 20×5s would be okay, however, it’s composed only by 5s periods. So I asked which settings exactly can’t be tolerated by you (9s simple, 9s byoyomi, 9s Fischer?)

I don’t understand your question at all :expressionless: this is a problem for many players not just me by the way so its something that can’t be tolerated by a mass amount of players I am going to assume you meant what type of time settings I was talking about byo-yomi since that is the only time I have seen with such a cheap cheat have not seen anyone doing such a thing with fischer and I have no idea what “simple” is though with fischer 9s is actually different because with fischer you end up playing many moves in a row under 9 seconds gaining back lost time to work up to a bigger move and have time compared to where you have 3 seconds per move every move.