Why when I play against computer the end calculation accounts for the stones + territory rather than just territory?

How can I change to just territory as it happens in human v human matches?

I suppose it depends on the program. Most programs only understand area scoring (territory + stones), so you cannot select territory scoring.

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I think sergio.mrll refers to amybot-ddk. Probably the reason is that it uses Chinese rules. (I tried to challenge amybot-ddk with Japanese rules but the ruleset was automatically changed into Chinese rules.)

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I thought all (most?) bots use Chinese rules.

One option could be to play Chinese rules against humans?

In this case, it’s not necessarily the bots. OGS’s bot interface itself exclusively only supports Chinese rules for bots, so even for bots that support Japanese rules, OGS doesn’t give a way to run it.

On KGS, you’ll see that many bots are Chinese rules only, but there are also a decent number that support Japanese rules and run with them just fine.