Calendar feature for scheduling games

Hello I was just thinking maybe in the future there could be a feature to schedule games at specific times and handle all the different time zones and then get a notification for it. This would be useful for Live games within tournaments of e.g. EGF/AGA that are using OGS for their games already.


Nice idea, but can you be more specific?
Outline your idea a bit more.


really like this idea!
Also for online Leagues like IGLO or Beginner Go League.

Add an option when creating a game challenge to set the time and date. Both players will then receive a notification 15 min. before the game starts. This way you can just show up to the agreed time and date and don’t need to think about the settings of the game before the game.

Also there could be a small private calendar in ones profile to check which games are planend in the future.

then in the future league organisers could themselves plan league games and plan the league without external tools.