Call for Presentations: 2nd ISGS International Conference on Go Studies in France

The 2nd ISGS International Conference on Go Studies is going to be held on 2024 August 7th during the EGC in France. The conference is organized by the International Society of Go Studies in cooperation with the EGC committee. For details, please check out the call for presentation proposals: ISGS

More information on the European Go Congress is here:


Here’s a brief reminder that the deadline for submitting proposals is approaching soon. We are seeking proposals for presentations on

  • Go & AI
  • Go
  • AI in general.

For more details, please refer to the provided link: ISGS

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Ethical considerations: it’s ethical to use a ai illustrations to promote a ai go themed conference?
I don’t know but it’s right on the subject ( and inform us that ai don’t 'know" yet how a baduk game looks like…)

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