Calling out this joker who plays as B with 9 handicaps


Thankfully from recent history, most people have the sense to resign before any moves. But I see this being abusable to beat people who are unaware of annulment rules here. Not sure if this is reportable but at least want to shame him here.

This also says a bit on how our lobby rules could include more details and HIGHLIGHT settings like handicaps and analysis enablement.


I’ve seen one or two other “jokers” who have done this. There are other anomalies in his record, such as the six straight cancelled games against the same person. There is a recent thread about the inadequacy of the FAQs and what might be done about it: Documentation or FAQ

Amazing that one player even managed to beat the player with 9 handicaps:


Here is a game where the opponent turned the tables on this guy by trolling back and trying to shame him: And another game where the opponent won:


Oh man how good is watching through the game where he gets beaten. When I first saw this thread the first thing I did was go through his profile trying to find a game like that. Very satisfying to watch when you’ve seen the games where lower rank players try earnestly to play against such ridiculous odds.


It looks like the first guy annoyed the opponent enough to win in the scoring phase lol.

Anyway I decided to report him anyway because his 1k rank is clearly overinflated. Do join me in reporting him and at least get rid of one joker from the system!

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Although it is very unsportsmanlike behaviour, actually this guy is just gaming the inadequacies of the current ranking system. The is no way, in my opinion, that rank should improve for beating a lower ranked player - especially not as black, and definitely definitely not as black wth handicaps.

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I don’t see how is this guy breaking any rules. I mean… he’ll eventually run out of opponents to play with after everybody blocks him. And he setting himself up for those major f-ups when he loses a game or two (I mean, seriously, this has to be a devastating experience, poor guy :wink: ) And as much as enjoy seeing him losing those few games, I don’t feel like this is a case for moderators.

This could be a case for making the UI better and having some more apparent hints about the handicap settings, but nothing more than that.

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So yeah. Handi stone adjusts your rank that way. When you play on 9 handi, your reward will be equal to beating an opponent 9 stones weaker in an even game. Which I suppose is fair?

What this case could be showing is that the system underestimates the value of stone of difference and overestimates chances of success against N-stones disadvantage, especially for large numbers of stones. If you are able to consistently inflate your rank by playing weaker opponents only (it’s the same thing) or playing with high handi, that means that some of the ranking parameters are misconfigured.

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Yes please, I think that is the biggest issue with this. Otherwise let everyone choose whatever settings he/she wants, but these extreme things need to be highlited


Joker lost to a 7k with 9 handis. Best karma so far. And proves my point how overinflated he is. Should be re-ranked at the very least.

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Ideally the ranking system will account for this. I think there is no way he would have been 1k under the old system.

And then the 7k linked him some tsumego… crushing lol

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Yeah, but sadly that was a notorious blogspammer :angry:


General question: Does the ranking system here take handicap (particularly very unfair handicaps) into account?

I believe the AGA ranking system tries to take handicaps into account along with rank when computing appropriate adjustments.

A reasonable system should give this player very little or even zero points for winning these very unfair games, and make him take large ranking penalties for actually losing.

My understanding has been that it does - that each handicap stone is worth a rank’s worth of glicko points.

However, I have no proof that this is the case.

I remember games on KGS some years ago, where a Chinese real 2Dan (7D Account on KGS) opened games and asked for players to play and beat him with 7 Handicap stones.
Some people tried, and sometimes they even got very close to winning.
The games were really spectacular and fun to watch.

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