Can a game name be changed?

My last game I created has an incorrect name. Can it be fixed? I forgot to change my first game after a tournament just finished and so a non-tournament game ends up with the detailed name of my last tournament game. Can it be changed to generic name, like “Friendly Match”?


Maybe a mod can do it.
But if you go to Game info, where the name of the game is shown, there are no options to change it.

The name of the game is agreed between 2 players before the start, like the komi, time setting…

So I highly doubt it can be changed (that would at least require the agreement of your opponent).

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every game I played has my name in it. Do I need agreement of every opponent to change my name? :grinning:

Well you have it each time someone accept your offer.
Just put what you want as a name before offering.

by name I mean “stone defender”, by every opponent - everyone I ever played with

The name of the game is shared between the 2 players, it’s logical that you can’t alter it without asking. The name will even refer to tournaments and ladders which could become an annoyance for the organization if you could change it whenever you want.

Even if a procedure would have been elaborated, it could be better to offer to give a proper name for individual use that you can change at your convenience.
Or some other way to organize your games.

Not really my own wish, I don’t need that.

First a correction: Game creators set the game name at the time of creation, except in the case of automatches, where the system uses the form “X vs. Y.” Moderators can and do change the game name when required. If ColMag wants to give me the game URL, I will change the name.


Oh well, nice to learn it’s still possible.

Hah, nice to see that i wasnt the only one who made that mistake XD

Conrad, could you change this one too?

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