Can a Mobile GO app with OGS API be monetized?

I’ve been looking for details regarding what licensing and usage is allowed for programs using the OGS API. I’m currently working on a mobile Go application with advanced AI for my master’s degree, and the question of whether the app would be able to be put on either iTunes or Google Play, and if and how it could be monetized, based on its usage of the OGS API came up.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


Hi there,

currently the API license is “Use it but don’t abuse it”. You are free to use it in paid apps and we do not require you to pay us any proceeds or percentage of it.

We do have some rules regarding API usage detailed in the docs and your app would need to conform to those rules. There are also API limits placed on oauth2 applications that apply to any use of that application. Currently that value is 500 requests per hour. So if all users of your application cumulatively made more than 500 requests in a 1 hour time frame then requests beyond that would be blocked with a 429 response code. It’s a sliding window so one hour after the first request was made then another request can be processed.

There are also per-user and per-view throttles that can return the same 429 code. For instance the “challenge player” view is limited to 3 POSTs per minute for normal users, and 6 per minute for site supporters utilizing the API.

If you find you begin reaching oauth2 application limit, we are willing to negotiate a rate limit increase.

I’m happy to discuss any other details or answer any questions you may have.


Thank you kindly for the response. If I do need to ask you for a use-rate increase, I will be ecstatic.

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