Can anyone can tell me why I am lost here?Maybe I dont know the rules yet

You marked the stones wrongly. White is clearly alive.
Either one of you clicked on the white stones marking them as dead or the system got something wrong.
Always confirm the status of the groups (transparent means dead) before hitting the blue button to accept the removal.
(Also you have tons of notifiations.)


Thank you flowing, its really frustrating do what you think is correct and then to came across this “surprise”

Ask one of the admins to repair game 1040853 for you … at least @anoek or @matburt should be able to do that.


Once a game is finished we can’t easily go back and repair the mistake but we can fix any rating points that might have come from that. Be careful during stone removal… we’ll try to automatically mark the right things but in this case one of the players incorrectly marked white as dead. If you disagree with what happened during stone removal you can elect to resume the game or… if you are playing someone who is continuously doing this then come get a moderator.


Thank you very much, I’ll take this into account the next time. I didnt actually know if that was a mistake or just a point computing error.