Can anyone recommend a good teacher?

Hi, all, been a little while!

So, I recently got promoted to a higher paying job, and I decided it would be fun to receive lessons again. I haven’t seriously devoted myself to the game since my navy days, and I kind of miss having that kind of passion in my life, y’know?

I’ve reached the limit of how far I can improve simply by reviewing on my own, and am looking for someone who accepts students for a reasonable price… sadly, the paid lessons market has a lot of shylocks in it, and I really like and trust the community here, so I figured I’d come here for advice.

Do any of you have teachers? Or someone you’d recommend for me?

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I got a review from Jennie Shen 2p at Go Congress and she was great. She offers online lessons.

Yuan Zhou also offers lessons.

Yilun Yang.

There are plenty others, these are the ones that occur to me right away though.

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Feel free to check out some of the youtubers and see if they offer reviews on their patreon if you’re ddk or low to mid sdk.


Check out the Yunguseng Dojang. Inseong is a great teacher, and it’s a great program.


I’ve heard great things about that, but not having ever participated, I couldn’t speak from experience.

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I study with Kaz; he specializes in teaching adults, who learn quite differently than children. He’s really helped me a lot- you send him a few games, and he makes custom problems for you.

His site is; tell him steve sent you (I get a referral credit :wink: )

Good luck!


I like what I see from his site, though I’m a bit confused by what kinds of game records he means. is .SGF the kind made by Cgoban?

yes; the same kind you get if you download an OGS game.


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