Can associations ranking be changed?

Can associations ranking be changed?

After some searching I found out where to change this: settings>account setting,

One question answered, but another one pops up.
Where can I find PIN or ID?

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At the association’s database. For EGF, you can search for yourself

(Assuming you’re looking for yourself. Although of course you can stalk whomever you like also)

Thanks, I just found it 10 minutes ago., but since I haven’t played tournaments for a while: no data available.

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In which case maybe the ranking entry should be removed also as likely to be inaccurate by now?

[And maybe I should note down my pin before my 2 years are up! Although not sure if it matters of I don’t know it.]

Edit: I only get 6 months since I’m ddk on egf. But I still find my profile when I search for myself.

Still looking for my PIN :slight_smile:

Did you actually try the search? You might not be in the official rankings but your PIN and page should still be there it seems

just an idea - Wayback Machine stores snapshots of pages from the past. So if all else fails, it might be worth a try

thank you all, I did find my EGF PIN and updated the info on my profile.

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