Can games go away?

I was almost positive I both played annulled games and a correspondence 19x19 game with someone and I can no longer find the game. Can games now go away or something or what did I do wrong in trying to find the game? Like this is me trying to find it by searching the game history and the games seem to just not exist. Did I do something wrong or are the games just permanently deleted?

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No, games do not go away. Not even games that are canceled. It is sometimes hard to find games in the list, as I know from experience. If you were searching your history, try your opponent’s history, or vice versa.

It can go missing from history as a bug, probably

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I think this prob happened. Thanks for sharing this! I don’t even know the game code but like I kinda wanted to go back to it randomly today.

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize a game when the opponent changes his username.

OGS ui shows last value also for historic data.
Maybe old name is stored somewhere in game’s details.
If you have some key (username, day, outcome) we could try to investigate further. Let me know.


Some games have been known to get lost in the past, but it is still a rare occurance and I find it very unlikely (though not impossible). The problem is more likely the difficulties of the search. One thing that comes to mind is also that the “page turners” in history are a bit buggy on some browsers and if you click too fast you might skip a page without it showing on the number count. Easy to miss a whole page that way.


The specific game I was looking for was correspondence and I don’t remember when it ended or started, just that it ended sometime after I moved here. I don’t think they changed their name but I guess I could check my old name maybe. Does it have anything to do with the fact that it was a ladder challenge in a deleted group?

Interesting! :thinking:

The idea is that games shouldn’t disappear since they are used to calculate player’s rating.
But there could be a bug.

I must check how ladder games are named when in groups. If group name is in game’s name, then we could do a specific search

Edit: nope. They are called just “ladder game”.
So what I could do is:

  • download the whole list of your games
  • filter out those which aren’t ladder games
  • keep only games that are from a group
  • filter out those which are too far or too near in time

We could also filter by outcome: annulled, resigned, timeout, score


You could also make a group for like two people, start and play a ladder game and then leave and delete the group and see what happens :slight_smile:

But do it on beta.


Hmm, that is a pity. Some of my games I wouldn’t mind at all if they suddenly went missing :crazy_face:


@Haze_with_a_Z, I have your data.
I’ll send you a PM

Searching on github for “history” returns a number of open issues about missing games – may or may not be relevant.