Can I be free?


Free Abramagician, I know I have wronged, many times in fact, but I am once again over my whiny phase, I would like it if I could talk in chat now, its too hard to get a review to be honest, thank you for reading.


I’ve never seen you post in here asking for a review… so I’m not sure you can say “it’s too hard”


Don’t ask us, write an apology email to the mods.

P.S: I really enjoyed the chat without Abramagician XD


classic spatula XD


Classic Spatula:

Neo-Classic Spatula:


And then there’s also this, quite classic IMO:



I would wait 2-4 weeks before asking to have your voice back in chat. In the meanwhile, I would strongly suggest writing an apology letter to the mods.


meh, i aint gonna beg, if they wanna ban me they can go ahead


And this is why you are muted.


i feel ashamed that i am on the same boat as abra- can anyone plz give me email of revar ajumma so i can apologize P_P


At a certain point, it becomes clear that the behavior is not going to change. We have no obligation to continue offering you opportunities to abuse people.


may i know the email to revar the moderator?


The email for appeals is