Can I delete a demo board?

Is there an ability to delete demo boards I have created?

I now have 8 junk boards with crazy moves which made sense days ago. They were not meant to be permanent… but no button to delete them.


I don’t think so, but you could delete the moves inside the demo board

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thanks, yes, there is a button to delete a branch of moves.

Unfortunately there is currently no way for users to delete boards. But if they are bothering you, send me the links here (or PM if you would prefer) and I will arrange their deletion. :slight_smile:


sometimes they can be deleted and sometimes they can’t (I’m honestly not sure what differentiates these) but if you link the demo boards you’d like to delete, one of our mods could investigate for you.

Snap. :slight_smile: beat me too it :wink:

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there is a saying:
every player in OGS had at least one demo board that they created when trying to figure out what it is that they cannot delete.


Who are we to argue with history? :man_shrugging:


Yes you can!