Can I get your opinion?

Could somebody explain, why have i lost? :confused:

Didn’t mark white’s stones dead

But they didn’t have two eyes, so they where like deth? Or not?

Correct, two stones don’t have eyes. Next time click on them to mark them dead so they look like this:


At the end, when the points are counted? Thank you!

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This is a known bug, which I thought had been resolved by the latest updates to the autoscore, but apparently not.

Can you say a bit more about how this game was set up please? The game info looks odd to me. I wonder if this is linked.

Ultimately, the answer is as Benjito said, it’s up to the players to check that the stones are marked correctly before accepting the final score. However, it would be useful to know if there’s something unusual about this game that might be linked to the auto scoring not triggering.
At least it was anyway unranked!

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It’s this game:

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Ok, thanks. I’m feeling daft but I don’t have time to figure it out now. Meanwhile I’ve annulled it.

Oh, why? It’s not a problem that i Lost. Just i want to know the rules, sometimes don’t understand how points are awarded, so I asked :wink:

The problem is that you won but due to the error in scoring it was counted as a loss. So the adjustment to ranks which should have happened to have been pushed the wrong way. We try and keep ranks accurate so that people can get reasonable matches.

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Hello, Please look at this…

Should have been blacks win… I annulled the game so it wont affect your rating ://

Thank U;-)