Can i have a teaching game from someone higher than 25k

Ive been playing go for awhile and i got my first go board yesterdaay but i still am not understanding good moves im a little bit impatient but im trying to be more patient.

Have you browsed this thread? It may contain some pertinent suggestions.

Hi! We can play a correspondence game if you want, I’ll make comments as we play.

New out here myself… can’t tell what level the responders are… Getting a ‘lesson’ from anyone less than about 6 kyu may not be highly useful… they won’t know enough to tell good moves from bad except in very tactical situations… better to just invest a bit of time studying the basics

Samraku is correct – follow that thread and complete the 'beginners exercises.

Be sure to have gone thru those before asking for help. And try the 9x9 w/ the computers… be able to beat them w/ no more than 2 stone handi…

I’d be happy to play w/ anyone who has put in a little effort. I’m a long lapsed 2D… getting back into it after about 15 year break… struggling to remember what I used to know.

You can study Joseki (standard openings) and tsume-go (Life and death problems) on your own. Much of the art of the opening is in ‘choosing’ the correct joseki… and adapting.

Welcome to the greatest game!

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I have been to a club where most of the lessons for beginners were given by an 8kyu player. (Of course, he himself did not stay 8kyu during this lecture series.)

It is strange that you recommend that a beginner should “study the basics” alone, but studying the basics with the aid of a better player would not be a real lesson unless this better player is almost as good as you.

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Hey, well, nothing is absolute… and difference between a rising 8K and a 6K isn’t too large…but enthusiasm an interest counts for a LOT… so I’m not going to say there isn’t a 10K who could give someone a good intro.

And there is nothing better than “learning with a friend at similar level”.

I say that they can/should study the basics on their own by reviewing information on these forums and other locations that is very easy to find because such information is EXACTLY what you’d want to cover w/ someone and it’s already done very, very well by those sites. It doesn’t take a long time and if someone isn’t willing to make that initial effort, that’s fairly indicative. After viewing basic info, the person will also likely have good questions to ask about what he/she didn’t understand.

BTW, I love the fact that he’s looking for instruction – I’m a life long lesson taker in a variety of activities, including GO… but one of realities is that lessons only get you started and if someone isn’t going to practice what he learned in lessons and invest his own time, he’s wasting the time of the teacher.

Not intending to sound harsh…
Best, Bruce

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