Can I play Tygem on MacBooks?

I really wanna play on Tygem but I don’t know can I use my Mac to do it

OGS is a strange place to be asking that.

Why not just play here?

Anyhow, as I understand it, Tygem client is only supported on Windows.

That means that on a Mac you either need a WindowsVM, or you need to make it work under Wine. Neither of these are easy if you haven’t done them before.

There is an iPad Tygem client though… maybe if you are an Apple person, you have an iPad?



I think diversity and having a choice are good things :slight_smile:
It’s good to have the opportunity to compare—and IMO it ain’t bad if the people who play here know why they like it here :smiley:

Anyway, while we all here certainly won’t offer support for other Go servers such a question should be OK IMHO.

An easy way to use Wine is WineBottler, I’ve used it to “bottle” Leela on my Mac, after that the Windows app is clickable like any macOS app, very nice.


Great Thanks! I got an iPad, and I can try it. Your words are very useful indeed.
I heard that Tygem is a great platform to play go and just wanna try it out (shrugs)

Thanks! I will try it out :slight_smile:

I second the thought that asking for or sharing information or opinions or recommendations about this or other sites should not be discouraged, criticized or suppressed. Doing so would be parochial and not serve the best interests of the go community. That’s my opinion.