Can I undo in an unranked game vs. a bot?

I’m a total beginner, and it would be great to be able to undo (even multiple moves) for learning purposes.

Grateful for your suggestions.

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Most bots I know do not feature an undo option (yet).
But noob does, by typing undo in the chat.
Usually a bot has a standard text in the chat box. If there is nothing about undoing, you can be sure that there are no possibilities of undoing a move.


@siimphh would you mind to change that?

And here you can find “everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask” about the forum.

You can reach this menu by clicking the three black bars left of the OGS logo.

If you have a smartphone Android I suggest “Go free”. It’s strong enough for a beginner and you can undo whatever you want.
Free version has limits for 19x19 but you can play unlimited moves on 9x9 and 13x13.

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Another way I would recommend is to undo… when the game is finished, which is always possible.
This will help you to not hesitate too much (help with managing your time too). It will help to keep goals in mind, see failures and to not lose yourself in too many variants.

One alternative way, is to start from the end of the game backwards, checking if you reached your goals and then estimating if your goals were reasonable or not.

In the real life, it’s almost a tradition with a bit serious games, to comment and analyse the game between both players (and even more sometimes) when it’s finished.


This is currently not supported in gtp2ogs:

It would require a bit of work to implement. @tmad4000, do you feel like filing a feature request in github?

Additionally, I believe amybot-beginner specifically plays too quickly and the “undo” button will have disappeared before the player has had time to click on it. So ideally OGS UI would need a change to keep the undo button around even after the opponent has moved… Or the bot would have to slow down moves to wait several seconds? Or we’d have to do this outside the official UI, something like the option @Atorrante suggested with requesting an undo through chat - which sounds a bit awkward…

Against Amy bot begginer I can press undo , but sometimes I can’t.