Can somebody comment? First 13*13 game where I felt like I knew what I was doing

Be gentle, I only play for one month, but so was my opponent so I have no excuse…

Hello there.

I think you are doing fine for only one month.

I made a little review:

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask

Best regards,

Hi Selphie,

Thanks for taking the time and looking in to it. So far I only looked at the comments on the first 10 à 15 moves, it is a helpful review that will help me getting on the right track. I’ll check it out fully later this evening.

Grateful regards,

Hi Selphie,

I checked it out completely and I recognize 3 of my many weaknesses to be crucial:

  • Identifying opponents and own weaknesses (and exploit/remediate) them
  • Locating key points in shapes and blocking/defending them
  • Resisting to the urge to solidify my groups premature

When I sense improvement in my game I’ll ask for another review.

See you around,
Sven (I changed my username recently to SCA)