Can somebody help to score the game?

Captured stones are already on the board.

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It ain’t clear what territories belong to whom.
Seems like you finished the game too early.

Marked areas aren’t surrounded by just one colour. It’s impossible to count score there.

You’re supposed to define clearly all the boundaries of each territory in order to count the score


I might add that this area is also rather undefined

So the answer is to keep going until any empty intersections can only plot a path to (living) stones of a single colour. Even a single intersection gap is enough to cast doubt on the control of an area of territory.

If there is doubt about stones being alive or not, I’d say it’s general best to keep playing until it’s clear.


I join below how one of the boundaries to finish could be, depending on who play first.



Thank you so much for your help :two_hearts:


Thank you so much, too :two_hearts:


I wonder if you two realised that the chunky White group say the top is almost captured.

It only has liberties at the four marked spots, so Black can play those and remove it. It would be best to start at the spot on the edge to the right of the group, as that looks like White’s best chance to escape.

But perhaps it was alive and you filled it with captives in a (premature) counting phase, in which case this does not apply.

I assume it used to have more liberties until the prisoners were placed on the board as in

Could easily be, as I said, but since this is a beginners’ game, it seemed possible that something else was going on — but on a closer look I think you must be right.